Brush lines

People say I’m an original! Pioneer of this technique…

Maybe. I humbly hope so.

“Brush lines” as the name suggests, is a photograph with a drawing… I always knew I wanted to do large prints of photos with artistic depth and overlap… So for about 10 years, I have just been taking photos, printing them and I got better. But I wanted to give it much more, more uniqueness! Something nobody else is doing! And one day I got an idea to start painting stories into my photos. I did that for a year or so, and I found that the added artwork was too eye-catching outside of the main photo, so I toned it all down to just the simple lines that are so significant to me now. Now for many years… I wondered if this technique had appeared somewhere in history… Maybe, but I haven’t found anything, so if it does exist it’s in a completely different style. I am the original Vzduch Jan ér Novák. And this technique is my signature and that’s how people remember me.

Thank you all for being with me.